Philipp Aubert

CargoBeamer Rolling Stock GmbH 总经理

Philipp Aubert is the Managing Director of CargoBeamer Rolling Stock GmbH. The industry expert has more than 20 years of experience in the commercial and technological areas of the rail sector. After several years in controlling at Deutsche Bahn, Aubert moved to Switzerland in 2010 to join the rail freight group SBB Cargo. There, he served in various management positions as Head of maintenance planning, fleet availability management and dispatching for SBB Cargo transports since 2011. Aubert was also a member of the Swiss company's production management team from 2018, before moving to CargoBeamer in March 2021. As Managing Director of CargoBeamer Rolling Stock GmbH, he is responsible for the availability, maintenance, and further development of our railcars.

Images kindly supported by Chemnitz Museum of Industry.